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L’espace et son double
Ronald de Ceuster et Ienke Kastelein
résidence, du 23 au 29 juin 2012
ouverture d’atelier vendredi 29 juin à partir de 18h30 Living Room, Montpellier

What does taking possession of a place mean?
As from when does somewhere becomes truly yours?….
Is it when you’ve hung suitable curtains up on the windows,
and put up the wallpaper, and sanded the parqet flooring ?
George Perec, Species of spaces, p.2
In the work of Ronald de Ceuster and Ienke Kastelein perception
of space has an important place.
Kastelein transforms a space into a place of operation and observation
while de Ceuster with his interventions
simultaneously confirms and questions a given space. Both show a poetic feeling for the neglected: left crumbs on a plate or a crack in the wall.
During the preparations in the Netherlands a table serves as space
to explore mutual thoughts and ideas.
In the Living Room de Ceuster and Kastelein will continue this exchange
from a table in the middle as point of departure.
From here the work of both artists will fan out across the Living Room.
This is how the artists will create autonomous work for one week
in a shared space in which both process and results of creation will coincide and be visible.
The period of work culminates in a presentation.


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